Thank you for your interest in wanting to know the vision of Tower of Strength Ministries. We are grateful to share with you and pray that you will see the vision God has given us.

Our vision is to build a home for the widows and orphans in the outskirts of Lusaka Zambia. As with the Tabernacle of Moses, where God told Moses to build everything according to the plan that he gave him, this is a God given plan as well.

Seven Acres Illustration Plan
Kitchen Illustration Plan
Multi-purpose Illustration Plan

Tower of Strength Ministries is in the process of building a compound in Zambia that will be a replicable model of how the love of God can radiate from a modest space throughout the region and an entire nation. The community compound will provide a Christ-centered environment where widows can feel productive while providing love to orphans. The goal is for these orphans then to become disciples of Jesus, self- supporting and productive citizens of Zambia, giving back to their community financially and by spreading the gospel to all who are open to it. Our discipleship training is a Christ-focused education based on Biblical principles such as; parenting, life and job skills.

The community is a place where widows and orphans can have their dignity restored, where oppressed children can thrive, where widows can feel useful again, and where newly formed families can flourish. This is the kind of active helping community that God has envisioned us with for sharing His gospel message.

Everything that is done in this ministry is aimed at glorifying Christ and expanding His Kingdom by building true disciples.

Tower of Strength Ministries will provide leverage and visibility towards making a difference for Christ. We are a faithful ministry and an exemplary steward of resources with 100% of your contribution going towards the establishment and maintenance of the community.

Tower of Strength Ministries is committed to not only providing maximum value to beneficiaries, but also providing the best opportunity for givers to have confidence that their contributions are yielding maximum return on investment – for beneficiaries, AND for the Kingdom of God.

“For nothing is impossible with God.”

Luke 1.37

We want to be able to give an opportunity to the children so that they may be able to go to school, colleges, church and the house of prayer. We can not do it ourselves, but together we can bring hope into the lives of those who are less fortunate.

We want to say thank you for your interest in the work that Tower of Strength Ministries is doing as we help orphans and widows in need. We appreciate your partnership with us in prayer and with a love gift offering of a one time or monthly donation.